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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

21st November 2007, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Travels and conflicts can spoil the relationships, make your attitude more flexible, that will help in maintaining peace and happiness in life, avoid travels
Your thinking is in the right direction, too much focus on money can cause upsets, emotional conflicts because you are not devoting enough time, work hard in your profession
Stable period no concerns, but you are dissatisfied, I don’t see any reason for that, you expect so much from children, also form your abilities, be practical, expect only that which is possible
Travels change of place far off linkages are activated, you are very lucky in this period, family happiness is adequate, even financial stability is there, nothing is wrong, be happy
You are worried for health and financial reasons, you are uneasy and confused, avoid any dispute in family because of these confusions
Excellent period, only career needs care as there can be unexpected obstacles, they are also not serious, overall there is no real issue, spend time with spouse and family, that will give you happiness
Expenses bother you, stress on account of that, look at the good things - luck favors you, financial position is stable, the stress which you carry is not valid
You are thinking too much about far off linkages, the gains from that effort may not be as much, your focus towards your career will help you, you have to be stable in day-to-day efforts
Very favorable period, personal and professional maters give happiness and gains, invest some money into profitable ventures also, business gains can be stable
Very lucky period for career and growth in profession, but lot of pressure and stress, that needs to be controlled, you are taking too much responsibility on your self, trust others and delegate some work to others
Generally stable period, some routine issues may be there which can be ignored, your knowledge will help you to overcome these minor stress in life, family maters need better care
Luck is supportive and your attitude is right, still some family issues bother you, avoid conflicts with spouse, even business partnerships need to be handled carefully

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