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Thursday, November 22, 2007

22nd November 2007, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Lack of trust in relationships will cause upsets, you may spoil the relationship completely, emotions cannot be handled like business of give and take, they need to be nurtured
Your attitude is negative but God is kind to give you stability in your life, this includes your family issues as well, you cannot mentally disassociate from all this, you have to involve
You need to perform better and that too with a positive attitude, don’t find fault in others, because then your boss will also find fault in you, career is very stable now
Career matters are stressful, you think that there are obstacles at every step, don’t take any risky decision, it will go wrong, hence stay connected where you are, financial pressures will be resolved soon
Any health issue needs proper investigations and treatment, don’t ignore this, finances are stable, luck favors you and God is kind, students will do well in studies
Weak period, expenses, travels health all these issues are stressful, but your career is stable, you have to devote your attention towards that, avoid those areas which are weak
Very lucky and stable period for rise and growth in life, very lucky financial inflows also, but you are wasting money on luxuries, that will hurt at some stage
Despite your commitment towards work you are psychologically uneasy, don’t worry, God is kind, now your financial rewards will improve, avoid stiff attitude to avoid self created mistakes
Very stable and auspicious period, now you are thinking right, but decisions will have to wait, you are confused about you emotional situation also
Weak period, you are yourself responsible for all these problems, personal matters are weak, professional situation is strong and happy, find a balance between the two
Devote attention towards family and partnerships, your partners can be very supportive in business, take their help, financial prosperity is ensured, you will be happy with that
Conflicts are made up in your mind, if you have to repay your loans then you have to understand that importance also, creating dispute will not solve the problem, financial ups and downs cause these mental issues


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