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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

27th November 2007, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

You are confused about your performance, being directionless will not help, your brothers and sister need your help, with this involvement your disputes will be resolved soon
You are dissatisfied about your profession, you have to understand the reasons for that, career is stable but monetary inflows are not sufficient, with this mindset, don’t spoil the stability of your profession, maintain sweet tongue
Very stabile and happy period, your sanchit karmas have created this situation of stability for you, two weaknesses for you in this period, firstly your efforts are not sufficient, secondly protect the differences with boss
You are distressed and unhappy, this is all made up in the mind, mental confusions are causing these upsets, travels or change of place can bring confusions and dissatisfactions, avoid them if possible, take care of your health
Financial worries and tensions in family, these are the causes for concerns on your mind, you have full support from others but you are dissatisfied, you are not happy with travels or for being away, you want to be with your family
Improve your focus and involvement in career, that will remove the conflicts which are there is a hidden form, these conflicts can harm you, therefore you have to protect yourself from this situation
You are doing well in your studies, but you are worried, God has been kind in many ways, in this mater also you will succeed, don’t be tense, have faith in God, you have worked hard and the success will be yours
Weak period, family tensions, dissatisfactions, expenses, all these bother you, but your career is stable and that is your strength, circumstances are now created which will give you stable financial gains
Stable and happy period, but you are worried on account of confusions in relationships, some patience is needed, don’t be too confused, these are the normal ups and downs which we all face, divine blessing is with you, everything will be alright
Health concerns will bother you, you are too worried, it is not required, your tensions connected with finances may be valid, but you will have to keep a lot of patience, this situation will change very soon
Financial position is strong, career is stable, any emotional inclination connected with work place has to be handled with care, that can cause uneasiness and upsets, you have to show your magnanimity in this period, be supportive and helpful to others
Personal and family related worries will be resolved soon, career or business is as such growing well, financial matters are stressful because your needs and requirements have increased

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