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Sunday, November 4, 2007

4th November 2007, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal, Weekly

Financial matters are not favorable, there can be disputes, even emotions and marriage weak, that needs better handling, pressures on accumulated funds also
Very focused towards emotions and relationships, but your family may have different views, this period can lead to your marriage or revival of emotions, if already married then avoid stress in your marriage
Travels change of place family involvement these are the indications of the chart, but you tend to be under stress, stay calm there is no need for dissatisfactions, some obstacles are part of life
Financial weakness is there, because your are determined, travels are indicated but business travels will not give the desired rewards, you need to work hard towards family affairs
Profession and efforts will give excellent financial gains, lucky period for career and finances, you have lots of ups and downs of thinking, don’t be lethargic or lazy
Psychologically uneasy, strong period for luck to support you in career or business, gain from these positive forces, take decisions with your head
Weak period, false self confidence, it will only harm you, finances weak, and under pressure, avoid financial disputes as they will lead to more financial pressures
Improve your focus towards work, mere financial strength is not good enough in life, life revolves around your own karmas and professional karmas are paramount
Excellent period for professional stability, keep differences of opinion under check, you can’t be too rigid in a negative way, you can invest in your business, that will be rewarding
Generally lucky and stable period, but you are not satisfied with your professional circumstances, some routine pressures may cause upsets, you boss may turn against you, protect yourself from that
Good period is becoming average because of your own mistakes, you must trust others, also gain the support of others, you are not doing that
There is false strength in your marriage psychologically you are too critical in your attitude, that can spoil your marriage partnership or relationships, they all may be under stress for these reasons, you have to understand that

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