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Monday, November 19, 2007

19th November 2007, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

You need to repay your loans, for any financial reason don’t enter into any differences with partners or associates, that cannot give happiness, financial matters are stable and you need not worry
Stable period for career and happiness, children need your care and involvement, they are confused and you have to provide a proper direction to them
Professional involvement needs improvement, if you work hard then the conflicts in your career will be kept under control, gains of money can come from many sources, they include loans or borrowings
Weak period, pressure on relationships, even studies need better focus, financial reason should not spoil your relations, this period requires lot of patience, that will keep your dissatisfactions away
Involve towards home family and children, that will protect your from hidden upsets, that will also bring happiness in your life, this is good period for professional stability to improve
Travels are indicated, financial gains are good, if spouse is away he/she will come back, avoid conflicts as that will lead to your own loss
If you need funds then arrange funds from loans or borrowings, but control expenses, as that will lead to waste of these funds, happiness from home and family is ensured
Uneasiness of the morning will be resolved by afternoon, your financial gains are ensued with your hard work, your routine expenses have gone up which requires careful planning
You are very keen for travels or movement, don’t annoy your bosses for this reason, during travels you have to protect your self from any kind of loss
You will gain from travels or from far off linkages, there can be upsets or differences with boss if you are taking professional travels, career is table and there will be business gains also
You may be undecided initially but later you will be confident that investment is good for you, even partners may come forward to support you now
You have to invest in business, that will give you eventual gains, gains are just around the corner, you are in the period of rapid transition, the changes in your life are for the better

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