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Friday, November 23, 2007

23rd November 2007, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Minor differences with partner needs to be controlled, money may be spent on resolving those disputes, hence from your side don’t create any uneasiness, psychologically you are stable and there are no real worries on you
Generally stable period, no real worries, stress in emotions and relationships, your involvement is good, but conflicts are still there, you need to try and understand each other, if you are away then explain those reasons
Finances stable, expenses required for home family and children, all these are favorable expenses which will lead to auspiciousness understand the expectations of the family, that will help you to avoid differences of opinion
Generally favorable period with no real issues, your efforts will lead to contentment towards work, that will give you lot of dissatisfaction, this focus towards work and satisfactions will control your ups and downs of thinking
Career is stable but you expect much more, don’t be worried, these are passing factors, from December you will do well in your profession, that will give you happiness, a period of professional rise is coming soon
Generally stable period, luck favors you immensely, psychologically you are dissatisfied, some obstacles in career are there, but lot of protection is also there, family happiness is looking good, your efforts and focus needs to be improved
Weak period, mild obstacles and self created issues bother you, your thoughts for making rapid changes will also cause some upsets, luck is still on your side to protect you in many ways, students must control their uneasiness
Weak period for you, outflows differences and some conflicts, career is stable, your accumulated wealth will help you, but control being uneasy, getting mentally dissatisfied will not solve the problems
Average period for friendships and career, your self-confidence is up, if in business then this is the time to invest in business, emotional inclinations can lead to marriage
Very lucky and auspicious period, God is kind in many ways, your abilities will help you to rise and achieve growth in your career, don’t make impulsive expenses, they are not required
Generally stable period, but luck is not favoring you, financial issues need care, don’t ignore that, routine matters may look small but can lead to upsets, try to resolve them
Stressful period in profession and partnerships, business is stable and there is no worry, but there may be hidden obstacles at every step, financial matters also give you tensions, I feel that you have the ability to resolve any such tension

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