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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

14th November 2007, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

You are constantly thinking about finances, don’t let your money go waste towards any dispute or misunderstanding, you are continuing to be in a weak period
You are trying well to keep peace in relationships but that is not happening, you are drawn into controversies, that leaves you dejected, you are blamed for things which you have not done
Change of place is on your mind, even for travels for the purpose of being with your children, that can give you happiness, this is a favorable period in life, you involve well with children, that is another source of happiness for you
Stability of home family finances, but you wish to get more, be thankful to God for whatever you have got, being thankful is essential in life, that keeps those blessings intact, some travels may lead to expenses
Professional effort will lead to good financial gains, studies are progressing well, children are doing fine, you need not worry, work related satisfaction is a major source of happiness
Very auspicious period, property wealth and your luck, all are favorably placed, good times give happiness and satisfaction, your friends and supporters can really help you in your achievements
You are being too moody, that will harm your own interests only, in business investments and gains both are well placed, this is an excellent period for business gains and accumulation of wealth into assets
You will get support form your well wishers, that will protect your pressures which are building on you, you are confused and not growing, there is stagnation which you have to control
Mild differences of opinion, at work place need to be avoided, there is stability of thoughts in emotions, some confusions may be there, give your self time to decide on important matters
Stable period, keep criticism of boss under control, ignore that if you can, stay focused towards work, luck will support and protect you
Average period, financial tensions are there, but they are manageable and not severe in nature, the strength of your career will overcome these small weaknesses, your dependence on your friends will prove beneficial
Mild obstacles in life, they may put pressure on you, pressures on your relationships also, travels can have some risk, avoid that, gain of knowledge is gain of power, remember that

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