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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

28th November 2007, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Very auspicious period, luck favors you in everything, family happiness and prosperity is ensured, some hard work and some luck – that is the key to success
Happy period, finances stable, but hidden obstacles are there, that may cause uneasiness at your work place, but the psychological well-being is so positive that you are happy
Finances stable, business gains, partners supportive but some health concerns which require care, avoid arguments with boss, that will help you
Your self confidence is excellent, circumstances are favorable, but too much of confidence can cause upsets, you can go wrong because you wish to have your way only, remember that there are other alternatives also
Outflows on investments, even some property related investment also possible, business gains are stable, students working well, remember that there can be hidden factors causing obstacles, you have to prepare for that also
Good financial gains are indicated, family happiness is ensured, career is stressful and a lot of hard work is required to maintain stability
Very promising period for career, gains and promotion is indicated, just concentrate on your work, avoid disputes even where you know that you are right, financial prosperity is ensured
Very lucky period, routine matters or obstacles may bother you, but there is nothing to worry on that, your professional commitment is your strength, don’t show ups and downs in decision making
Generally stable and auspicious period, but psychologically you are tense, thinking too much will not solve the issues, have patience, you will get the fulfillment of desires very soon
Stable period, some worries for expenses or travels may bother you, your supporters or well wishers may actually harm you, try to judge their hidden intensions
You are forceful in your ways, that is why you can be stiff also, you don’t want to give away anything which is your right, for that reason your financial gains will be ensured
Excellent period, you have tried to improve your knowledge, that will give you professional gains also, students will benefit from this indication, this is the right time to establish your career, your hard work will open the gates of auspiciousness for you

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