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Friday, August 10, 2007

10th August Vedic Astrology forecasts, Rashi Phal

Profession is stable, but you are dissatisfied, you wish to achieve much more, that is causing uneasiness and obstacles, students are doing well, with their hard work they can achieve their goals
Profession stable, by afternoon you will be happy, financial gains will also come as per expectations, your happiness linked with achievements of your family members
Don’t depend on luck, your writing and speaking abilities good, avoid any stiff attitude in your work place, travels can turn wasteful
Worries will continue, in the morning obstacles, in the evening worries from health and children, strength lies in your career and financial gains, mixed influences, colors of the spectrum
You have doubts on your well wishers supporters even your spouse, don’t let this turn into conflicts, period of self created mistakes, think before you take the next step,
In the morning confusions at work place may bother you, from noon everything will be stable, financial gains are indicated, some wastage may also be there, take decisions with firmness
Don’t worry about children, they are doing fine, your worries about health are valid, that needs better care, profession cant be better, you are doing well and God is kind
Family worries in the morning, peace after noon, you will be happy with performance of children, take the blessings of your elders
Psychological uneasiness, you need to take each step with care and planning, don’t be hasty or erratic in your decisions, from your side you are doing fine but overall weak period
Health concerns are there, in profession you are trying to involve well, your constant hard work and efforts will protect you and help you
Emotions under stress, by afternoon most of these tensions will be resolved, best period for professional excellence, shed confusions of mind
Don’t take hasty decisions about any kind of change or movement, by afternoon you will be more stable in your thinking, strong period for financial inflows, God is kind

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