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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

29th August 2007, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Period of obstacles, these are connected with finances and profession, from your side you are doing fine, external factors and obstacles are not in your hands, you cant do anything about it, then why worry for things which are not in your control
Your worries about career are real, your seniors are not willing to see your growth, your boss may be hiding these facts from you, all this needs careful handling
Control differences of opinion, that can lead to losses, health concerns are also there, take proper treatment and investigations, expenses on that are essential
Your focus is on increasing your knowledge, your studies can be rewarding, especially professional studies should be your focus, that can open opportunities for you
Financial issues bother you, but there is a lot of protection, the is nothing to worry because the divine blessings are with you, your self confidence is high, tat is another protection for you
Family issues take priority, there is generally no problem but you have a lot of mental worries, if there is anything connected with health then you must take care
You need to devote much more time to studies, your efforts on that is getting weak, that needs to be controlled, your thoughts are connected with financial gains, you will achieve that also when the time comes
Focus for gain of knowledge is good, it is rightly said that knowledge is power, but for you knowledge is money, you are right, you can achieve and you will
Travel or movement is not advantageous, stay connected with family, don’t make mistakes, protect your financial ups and downs as that is not looking good
Travels or movement can bring excellent gains for you, you have the right focus for financial gains, even in adverse situations you have the ability to gain
Excellent period for financial gains, investments are well indicated, business investments can be considered, that can prove to be highly profitable
Very auspicious period, you can still be worried for a variety of reasons, these are not in your hands, hence stay calm, these are the wishes and ways of god

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