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Monday, August 13, 2007

13th August Vedic Astrology forecasts, Rashi Phal

In the morning you may need patience, by afternoon you focus towards knowledge and improving skills, that will give you happiness, that will also bring financial gains, it is a strong period for your finances
You can get steep growth in your career, you have the right ability and talent, shed your fears, have faith in yourself, remember you are passing through a very strong period, you have to gain from this strength
Your efforts are likely to weaken further, you are psychologically uneasy, you have to protect your self from wastages and losses
Financial pressures differences of opinion with partners on finances, protect yourself form these disputes and pressures, partnership arrangement needs to be reassessed, earn less but have peace of mind, that is important
Profession is your strength, you think that you are being cheated, partly you are also to be blamed, higher outflows are your mistakes, don’t blame others for that
Business gains are indicated, protect your relationships from heated conflicts or obstacles, health needs care as proper diagnosis may not be there, take another opinion
With your involvement you can achieve the moon and the stars, fate is supporting you well in your career, business investment can be very rewarding
Professional growth is remarkable, support form other is good, you can achieve with your consistent efforts, your devotion towards your partner is total
Your stress will be over soon good times are just around the corner, some tensions at this stage may be ignored, just have patience, don’t enter into any heated conflicts especially if it is related to your emotions
Psychological pressures continue, your family is supportive in a big way, that can cover a lot of weaknesses, stay connected with the family
Disputes are present around you, that is making you tense also, family relationships are also under stress, that needs careful handling
Weak period for you, just because profession is stable you cant take risks, don’t depend on your friends, they may not support you, don’t waste your money also on them, they don’t deserve it

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