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Thursday, August 16, 2007

16th August Vedic Astrology forecasts, Rashi Phal

Health is a concern, you have to take care, change your life style to protect yourself form health related pressures, your expectations about monetary gains may not be fulfilled
Have practical view about property or home, then you can gain from any such effort, students perform well and achieve well, once you take a decision then stick to it
Simultaneous sale and purchase of property is on your mind, you are not giving enough importance to your career, that is getting neglected, don’t do that, now you need to involve more towards your profession
Generally doing well, involvement will bring good financial gains, there may be last minute setback in family support, your strength lies n improving your knowledge and skills, that will help you in long run
Your own mistakes have resulted in this situation, you are tense and there may be losses also, even now you can protect this situation, reversals in professional achievements are possible, but divine blessing is with you
You have worked hard, even in weak situations you have maintained your focus, that hard work and positive attitude now helps you to gain, this is a period of achievements and you deserve this success
You desire to change job or focus of your efforts, you have all the indications for success, whatever decision you take will prove to be beneficial,
Hard work is the key to your success, you have achieved well, now is the time to push it further, you wish to bring changes in your work and that can be helpful,
Don’t make mistakes in any decision connected with profession, boss needs a bit more attention from your side, he can cause routine type of problems, that can be negative for your stability
Many obstacles, psychologically you are tense, profession will remain stable, there is no reason to panic, only minor issues are there, students need to work hard to achieve your dreams
Weak period, pray to God and follow the path of truth, profession is stable, health is under stress, protect your self from losses also
If you think that causing a dispute may solve the problem then you may be partly right, some issues need to be resolved with firmness, resolve property related matters also, you cannot prolong it indefinitely

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