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Sunday, August 12, 2007

12th August Vedic Astrology forecasts, Rashi Phal

Beginning of week is average, some differences of opinion will be there, from Tuesday stable and happy period, nothing to worry, your children will do well and achieve well, you attitude is positive and that will help you
Week begins with happiness and gains, from Thursday average period, you will be involved in conflicts and tensions, pressures and expenses will rise, have lot of patience
Beginning of week gives financial gains, end of week is stressful for health reasons, profession may have tensions from colleagues and associates, hidden conflicts may cause stress
Very auspicious week, all kinds of gains, Sunday is stressful remaining week is stable and happy, children and your profession gives happiness, that is your strength
Stressful week, expenses are high, psychologically you are not satisfied, that gives more tensions, anxieties or hidden worries also bother you, your erratic efforts are increasing this weakness
Entire week is stable, no ups and downs, it is the stability which gives best situations in life, end of the week brings some obstacles and differences of opinion
Nothing to worry during this week, God is kind and you have all those virtues around you, end of the week brings some financial pressures, oppositions will also be there
Generally stable and happy week, no worries or tensions, overall progress is stable, that is reason for satisfaction in life, increase your spiritual inclinations, there is need for that
Very stable and happy week, end of week is a bit stressful, avoid emotional conflicts, that is very essential, understand this well
Generally average week, from Thursdays improvement is indicated, profession stable and will improve further, avoid conflicts you have to depend on the support of your well wishers and spouse
Stable on profession angle, but average on psychological angle, avoid the weak areas of your life, focus on your strengths, that is the way to go about life
Stable week, Tuesday and Wednesday brings stress, professional strength is ensured, you have to gain further from divine blessings, seek those blessings with prayers, people pray in weak periods, I am asking to pray in strong period so that this strength lasts

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