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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

28th August 2007, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Dissatisfactions about money bother you, there may be pressures but overall position does not seem bad, family and children need money for their growth development and studies, that is very essential
You wish to achieve so much that you are getting restless, don’t panic, everything takes its own time don’t be in haste, it is rightly said “sahaj pakay so meetha hoi”, you are doing well, overall situation is favorable
Don’t blame fate for ups and downs in life, your focus is stable, worries for children are there, tensions cause differences of opinion, avoid that, if in business then don’t borrow as it may lead to loss
Depression must be controlled, count your strengths and virtues, profession is stable, family is supportive, financially you are happy, then why worry on issues which are made up in the mind
Generally stable period, your doubts about partners are not right, you tend to think too much, don’t be over sensitive, you are passing through a very strong period, don’t let confusions spoil that
Health concerns are there, get proper investigations and proper treatment, consider any change carefully, it can only give you financial gain, but it can also give you dissatisfactions, hence be careful
Your focus towards studies is confused, still your gains from knowledge are good, improve this situation as there is scope for improvement, financial gains are stable, friends give you lot of support and happiness
You are so busy in your work that that your family is getting neglected, you realize this but still you are not able to improve this situation, generally very stable and auspicious period
If you work hard then luck will favor you, you have lot of dissatisfactions which need to be improved, you have lot of pressures on you which are unexplainable, there are no real reasons for that
Financial pressures continue, they bother you also, but reality has to be accepted, this acceptance is very important in life, that makes you reconcile to the facts and motivates you to work hard
Stable period, but it can be better with improved attitude, you have excellent support for you from all sides, that is your strength, business gains are very stable
Health concerns bother you, that may lead to expenses also, your children are a cause for concern as well, they require a lot of motivation from you

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