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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

21st August 2007, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

You are worried about your career, you want to study and improve your knowledge, some dissatisfactions lead to lack of self-confidence, don’t be over sensitive, have a lot of patience
Family issues and professional issues are somewhat linked, money may be required in your business, your desire to borrow may have procedural ups and downs, your outflows are also high
Any setback in health needs to be cared for, relapse of disease is possible, your professional focus will improve and grow faster, each day you have to take one step forward
Profession is your strength, but obstacles are many, they have linkage with your financial well being also, hidden factors or information may be important, handle that carefully, some payments may be recovered now
Spouse is supportive, period of stress, don’t highlight minor issues or differences, business partner may go back on his word, some decisions about property can be taken
Don't enter into disputes with children, recovery of money is your strength, work hard for that, don't let uneasiness of mind spoil your health, you need to improve your focus also
Professional weakness is indicated, your strength lies in your knowledge and hard work, you may be dissatisfied with your profession, have patience, don’t panic
Your hard work can improve your life style, don’t worry about minor issues or obstacles, avoid differences of opinion with spouse, restrict your thinking to your strengths, and you have many such strengths
Luck is favoring you now, you have passed through a weak period in the recent past, now it is over, you have to work for your professional growth also, time is ripe for that
Financial strength is indicated, but you seem to be under tension, some obstacles weigh heavy on your mind, relax, nothing is s wrong as it seems
You are tense about business losses, but your involvement is very strong, there is nothing wrong in that, if some tensions are not in your control then why worry, that is God’s wish and God’s wish is always greater
Luck is favoring you and still financial losses are there, worries are because of the disputes connected with those losses, avoid disputes with business partners, lack of information should not spoil relations

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