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Monday, August 20, 2007

20th August 2007 Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal,

Period favorable and lucky but avoid any change, that can be troublesome, your focus towards home and family can bring happiness, that can also avoid obstacles in life
Pressures in marriage, avoid differences of opinion, don’t have ups and downs of thinking, that may not be helpful, a positive approach will help you in life
Your focus and efforts are remarkable, that is your strength also, differences of opinion at your work place must be avoided, unplanned expenses can cause pressures on your accumulated savings
Students are doing very well, just avoid diversions of mind, you have the abilities to perform and excel, all round growth is your strength, family involvement and support needs to be improved
Emotional involvements are troublesome, avoid tensions in them, stay away from that, any thought of change of job will have to be changed, financially stable period
Marital and family issues cause tensions, finances are stable, that is your strength, you have to avoid losses expenses and self created mistakes
Financial disputes need to be controlled, stay focused towards profession, avoid any kind of erratic focus towards work, that can cause upsets, marital stress continues, handle that carefully
Avoid wasteful expenses, any changes have to be considered carefully, your professional strength is very positive, gain from that, your gain of knowledge will motivate you further to work hard
You may be worried for some travel plans, some disputes are resurfacing, protect yourself from that, some one may be trying to harm you, that also needs very careful handling
Business losses are there, differences of opinion are also there, this period requires a lot of patience, your involvement can only protect your form these pressures and tensions
Very strong period for financial inflows, your confusions of mind must be controlled, have faith in others, that will improve your overall support in life
Your business or profession is stable, but you are dissatisfied, you wish to achieve much more, I feel you have to be thankful to God for whatever you have achieved

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