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Thursday, August 30, 2007

30th August 2007, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Excellent period for profession focus, but you are worried for upsets in career, it can be linked with change intrigue or loss of job, all these worries are there, protect your self from intrigues, other factors can be ignored
Your career is your real strength, profession and business gains make you happy, generally favorable period, God is kind, benefit from these blessings
You are tense about obstacles in your profession, especially some upsets from colleagues or employees, they can cause uneasiness leading to loss, avoid conflicts, your focus towards profession is very positive
Weak period, problems are there and obstacles cause those problems, life is always full of such situations when smooth flow of things is not there, obstacles for finances also, that needs careful handling
Mentally upset because of conflicts or differences of opinion, your self-confidence is able to protect you, you will no loose anything, care is needed to avoid conflicts, marriage needs better focus
Upsets in emotional matters needs care, your desires may not be fulfilled, there are self created mistakes, realization of mistakes lead to better understanding of things for future
Excellent period for your happiness, your abilities will improve, they will also be appreciated, financial gains are ensured, all this give you good times, then why worry needlessly
Three factors lead to your success, knowledge family support and hard work, these are the factor of divine grace for you, don’t indulge in doubts in your self or in others
Investment in business is needed, increased involvement is rewarding, overall very auspicious period, your friends may be jealous of you,
Worried for the problems which you have built around you, some one may harm you on your back, lot of patience is required
Partners may cause financial loss, professional strength is indicated, don’t depend on luck otherwise conflicts will increase,
Financial disputes may led to losses, protect your self form some government related problem, it is weak period, lot of patience is needed, stay connected with day to day work, that will help you

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