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Friday, August 31, 2007

31st August 2007, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Conflicts and frustrations are in store for you, but you are having in faith in yourself, your efforts can improve your knowledge and achievements, that is the strength for you
Very favorable day for you, financial gains, improvement of your abilities is the key word for you, your own focus has ups and downs, improve that situation
Favorable day for your self confidence, your own hard work will do wonders for you, your business requires investment, you may seek loans or borrowings also
Auspicious week, travels or movement can give you gains, financial gains well indicated, your own hard work is the key to your success, remember that and you will not go wrong
Excellent period for financial gains, but you are worried and dissatisfied, reasons for dissatisfactions are professional, you wish to gain more from your profession, that is the root cause of your mental uneasiness
The can be losses for you, that can upset many plans, your partnerships are under stress, that makes maters worse, don't be too stiff in your attitude, have patience
Very lucky financial gains are indicated, you may loose those gains by increased outflows, your day to day expenses have gone up, they are controlled, health concerns are there, you are keen to create dispute for recovery of money
There may be obstacles in profession, smooth flow of progress may be hampered, you can’t do anything for that, hence smile, accept the wishes of God happily
Very auspicious period for professional gains, it cant be better, you have to gain from these forces, , luckily your focus towards home and family is good now, that can bring lot of happiness for you
Conflicts and obstacles continue for you, but divine blessings are also there, nothing wrong will occur, weak periods need extra care and involvement
Emotional involvement is strong and you wish to convert it into marriage, but inherent obstacles are there in this path, you will be able to overcome them
Personal or marital conflicts need to be controlled, don’t be too stiff in your attitude, God is there to help you, some health related issues need care

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