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Friday, August 17, 2007

17th August Vedic Astrology forecasts, Rashi Phal

Generally stable period, some concerns about health, your care for family is evident in your thoughts, even children are positive in their approach, God is kind
Education and knowledge will benefit your profession, desire for some change is very strong, but you may change your decision later, you focus and efforts are very good and that is your strength
Some decision about property needs to be taken, gains and investments are indicated, but obstacles are also there, it may not be easy, you may have to work hard to implement your thoughts
Very auspicious period, all kinds of prosperity, gains from far off connections also possible, you are undecided about some financial matters, because you don’t trust others
Some worries about losses, your professional strength is now improving, even earlier losses may be recovered now, good times for growth and gains
You are stable and happy, some pressures are building for outflows and finances, even in business higher expenses, take extra care and protect your self
Focus towards profession is stable, you wish to do bigger things in life, even move away if need be, your income may improve but savings may remain under pressure
Generally auspicious period, overall strength s increasing now, you will be happy with your achievements, you have many supporters but many critics also, reach out to them and you will be happy
Many issues are improving but you are psychologically uneasy, you are on the way of major auspiciousness in your life, be thankful to God for all these positive developments,
Your thoughts hover around your marriage, earlier uneasiness may be removed soon, be thankful to God for this improvement, you may do well in profession, but there may be constant pressures
Uneasy period, psychologically as well as personally, health concerns are also there, they are largely made up in the mind, your boss may start supporting you now
Emotional involvement is heavy on your mind, the is inbuilt stress also, take each step carefully, don't risk the stability of your life, don’t enter into risky ventures

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