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Sunday, August 5, 2007

5th August Vedic Astrology forecasts, Rashi Phal, Weekly

You wish to improve your interpersonal relations, you can achieve that if you have trust in others, for relationships to flourish you must give a lot of support to others, then you get support in return
Your family needs a lot of care from you, you are motivated for that also, doing something for others gives happiness and joy, change of place or travels can lead to tensions
You wish to earn without making efforts, nothing comes easy in life, remember that, you can improve your circumstances in life with proper focus
You are performing well, but dissatisfied with the money inflows, don’t create any dispute for that, it is better not to show your dissatisfactions, God is kind to bless you with auspiciousness, good opportunities in this week will make you happy
Generally auspicious week, psychologically you will remain depressed, some obstacles are there but you have to condition your self for that, your self created mistakes or decisions can lead to problems, be careful
Generally stable week, there is nothing to worry, you will do well, don’t ignore your health, must take treatment properly if needed, psychologically you tend to be uneasy
Some upsets in first half of the week, avoid family problems, don’t indulge in back biting, have fear from God, finances generally stable and happy
Stressful week, finances will be adequate, avoid any conflict in family, have patience, you need to protect your professional situation with care
You are doing well in profession, but you have work pressures, it needs careful handling, don’t let emotions rule your life and decisions, you need a firm and focused attitude
You are worried for family issues, and you wish to resolve tem, the period is stressed, have patience, don’t spoil your health by thinking too much, leave something to God
Marital issues are causing uneasiness, your career is stable and you are giving too much importance to it, give some time to your family also, they need your care
Lack of diagnosis can cause health problems, your knowledge and skills are strong, your finances and understanding of your profession is your strength, that will give you happiness in this week

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