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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

8th August Vedic Astrology forecasts, Rashi Phal

Your partner has ups and downs of thinking, you cant depend on that, you wish to have total involvement of your partner, business or otherwise, that only can give stability, students need to do more than what they are doing
Take professional decisions with firm attitude, cant keep on changing your job or decisions, stable and constant efforts are needed, you can invest in property, that can be beneficial, spend with care
Weak period, stress and obstacles are there, financial outflows bother you, that can lead to professional disputes also, overall weak period, have patience and faith in God
Financial gains are there, but stress and outflows are as much, professional focus is praiseworthy, elders or seniors can be critical of your intensions, people may also be jealous of your success
Your own mistakes can cause losses, some pressure on your career is building up, your erratic thinking is the cause for concern, that leads to upsets, your own abilities can protect your from all this, you will have to trust others
Obstacle and upsets are there, your finances are also under stress, luckily your financial inflows are stable, there is no cause for concern, your own intensions are honest, don’t believe hearsay, your friends are trustworthy
Profession stable but lot of stress, learn to relax also, carrying constant tensions can cause health concerns, beware of that
Your concentration and hard work can be your strength, be careful of any emotional involvement that can lead to problems, you get stressed by day-to-day issues also
Mixed period, emotional ups and downs, health concerns, professionally weak period, work hard, don’t let any opportunity arise for upsets, you cant depend on your friends
Your emotions are under stress, it is a weak area and you will not gain anything in it, avoid any hidden relationships, it is not good for you, avoid stress in marriage also
Your involvement towards family can solve many problems,. Don’t have any stiff attitude in your work place, that is not required, listen to others, take their opinion, that will benefit you
You wish to do so much, your mental strength is good, but you are causing too many upsets around you, differences of opinion and stress, gain from the advice of elders

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