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Monday, August 6, 2007

6th August Vedic Astrology forecasts, Rashi Phal

Desire or focus for children is strong, some medical consultation may be required, you are thinking about adoption also, consider all this with patience
Help from family will improve your efforts, your involvement in work will also improve, you are undecided because you have ups and downs of thinking, that needs to be controlled
You want to be rich and you can do anything for that, to achieve your dreams your efforts are positive, don’t let any dispute spoil that focus
You are likely to gain money, this is a lucky period for that, your efforts will lead to good financial gains, expenses will continue to be high
You may incur loss, that bothers you, profession is unstable, you are also likely to make mistakes, luck will still support you and protect you,
Weak period, you are worried for losses, you need to work on your career, shed the fears and anxieties, health concerns can cause more uneasiness
Professional focus bring excellent financial gains, your friends will emerge as your greatest well wishers, you can gain from them
Generally stable period on all counts, routine issues bother you, nothing else is unfavorable, be thankful to God for all these virtues
You are trying to depend on luck more than what is required, you should focus on your knowledge more, this attitude is spoiling your own knowledge
Family involvement is good, but there are lot of obstacles around you, nothing is as stable as you wish, devote time for children, that is your strength
Focus is towards marriage, you also have to resolve disputes, profession stable and happy, that can give you good financial gains also
Health is bothering you, resolve financial disputes early so that you concentrate on your work, money cannot resolve all problems, some care and patience is also needed

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