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Saturday, August 18, 2007

18th August Vedic Astrology forecasts, Rashi Phal

Your desire to earn money will bring rewards, this may come in many forms profession far off place even property, explore all those, don't have love-hate relationship with your wife, stay committed
Expenses may bother you, you may have to borrow money, if spouse had gone away will return back now, spouse may support you in many ways, that is the strength of this period
Some losses are there, In business partnerships also losses are there, be careful, you have to involve better, only then you will protect yourself from this indication, you are in a positive frame of mind, that will be beneficial
Excellent period for professional gains, there cant be a better focus than this, all this will lead to financial gains like never before, this success is because of your determination and commitment
Luck favors you like never before, but luck alone is not enough in life and you realize that, your focused hard work is giving your luck a big boost, that is the success story for you
Stressful day, obstacles and frustrations are there, expenses and losses may also be there, have patience and don’t enter into any argument
Your finances may be stuck, your spouse may also oppose you, your professional commitment is stable, there is no worry on that, your regular inflow of money is stable, don’t enter into any risky venture, you will incur loss on that
You are yourself responsible for the problems, disputes and conflicts are to be avoided, that can spoil your image, don’t indulge in anything connected with chance or luck, you will loose in that
You are likely to gain in a big way, emotional involvements can cause harm and disputes, have lot of patience, don’t enter into arguments, luck favors you
Very favorable period, family is supportive, you can gain from them, financial strength is also reflected, your focus towards profession will improve,
Very positive and lucky period, profession is your strength, business investments will prove beneficial, you can also think of property matters, overall auspicious period
Psychologically depressing period, but there is no reason for that uneasiness, it is actually a very lucky period for you, your efforts will improve financial gains, health needs care

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