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Sunday, August 19, 2007

19th August Vedic Astrology forecasts, Rashi Phal, Weekly

Second half of week is strong, gives good motivation, in beginning of week avoid conflicts and depression, that will not help, wait for the good times, have patience
Health concerns an some tensions, profession is stable and gradually becoming better, don’t worry, nothing is wrong, generally favorable week,, don’t worry about brief ups and downs
Stressful week, conflicts must be avoided, they can make you unhappy, this week requires your constant hard work, don’t lose faith in God, don’t worry God is there to protect you
Average week for you, expenses are high, pressures will be there, some obstacles will appear, financial strength will take care of many issues around you
Generally favorable period and week, nothing to worry, professional strength will appear well, your efforts may be erratic, still many factors of divine blessings, financial strength will make you happy
Expenses and pressures, profession stable, depend on or hard work, only that will help you to overcome the brief period of stress in life, health is a concern and that needs care
Weak period, financial stability cannot solve all the problems or obstacles and stress come in many ways, they need to be resolved, family and marital issues need better care
Financial pressures may be there, uneasiness of mind and routine problems can cause tensions, your profession is strong and will prove to be helpful in many ways
Generally lucky period, onset of good times, just don’t worry for anything, stay focused, don’t indulge in any stiff attitude, that can cause further problems
Generally weak period, many pressures are there, health concerns are also there, lot of patience is required, you are likely to make mistakes financial gains will be stable, that is your strength
Very favorable period, remain psychologically strong, don’t let erratic attitude spoil the goodness of life, financial gains will give you happiness
Beginning of week stressful, gradual improvement during the week, stress on account of family conflicts or differences of opinion, avoid that if you want to be happy

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