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Saturday, August 25, 2007

25th August 2007, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Improve your knowledge and skills, that can improve your business or profession, your focus towards life is positive, that is a big thing, that will give you growth and success in life
Some concerns about home and family, but there is nothing to worry, your devotion towards family is good and positive, psychologically you are tense, that s not required
You can really work hard, this period is very strong for that, your devotion towards spouse is good but difference are still there, that can harm you both on health and finances
Financial matters take you time and energy, you are financially stable, but expenses continue to be high, business gains are good but conflicts need to be controlled, these are the good and bad influences over you
Your focus is on self development, that can benefit you a lot, your own knowledge will improve and the divine blessings there to support and help you
Travel transfer movement change expenses all these bother you, luck favors you off and on, but your own focus and efforts are very positive, children need to work hard, take support form your friends, they are helpful to you
You can gain well and achieve well, very good period, accumulated funds or saving s may be under pressure, but don’t worry, everything is alright, your family is your source of strength
Your profession is strong and growing, support for you is also increasing, invest some money in your business, don’t be stingy on that, it will [prove to be helpful to you, your well wishers are many and they are growing
You are depending on luck today and luck is supporting you, this is a period to prove your abilities by hard work, professional strength is good and growing
Your worries about losers and obstacles are valid, avoid confrontation with boss, improve you job prospects buy improving your knowledge and skills, that is your strength
You wish to gain from the support of others, the support is already available to you, your own confusions and dissatisfactions can reduce that, control expenses, your high expense is a negative indications
Take care of health, any fever must be investigated properly, don’t ignore that, your focus towards profession is good, but that is no reason to ignore your health, your expenses need to be controlled

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