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Monday, August 27, 2007

27th August 2007, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Your focus for earning money continues, property investment is possible, but you are not able to take the decision, it is better to involve in profession and shed the confusing thoughts as this is not the right time to decide
Spouse is supportive but expenses bother you, your hard work shows ups and downs, need for improving efforts for studies and for gaining knowledge, remember knowledge is power
Weak period, expenses and losses are there, they make you mentally also uneasy, differences of opinion are there, you have to face all these challenges, travel plans may have to be postponed
Business gains are indicated, your involvement with family can be rewarding, that will give you happiness, routine expenses may be high but they may not bother you, students have the ability to achieve a lot
Good period for professional gains, it cant be better, don’t be tense mentally, you have nothing to worry, having self confidence is a good thing, but it should not hurt others
Your abilities are not upto the mark, work hard to improve them, there are inherent obstacles at each step, a lot of patience can help you to move ahead, proper planning will help you to overcome these obstacles
Don’t get into arguments with spouse or partners, that may lead to problems, involve more towards home and family, that can bring happiness for you
Your right attitude can prove good, you have all the ingredients for success, your focus is right, fate helps those who help themselves, you know that and that is why you are successful
Expenses need to be controlled, conflicts are there, psychological conflicts can cause more harm, they can cause healthy upsets also, beware of all that, profession is stable
Excellent period, overall gains, gain of knowledge, financial gains, all these are favorable, you are handling you boss well by trying to support him even when he is wrong, this is a clever move
Worried about your career, there is no need for that, you are doing well, business needs investment and funds, make sure that you make arrangement for that
Very auspicious period, your hard work will make it better, some disputes in family bother you, that needs care, health concerns are there, you should exercise regularly and reduce your weight

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