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Saturday, August 11, 2007

11th August Vedic Astrology forecasts, Rashi Phal

Very good period, home family children all giving happiness and contentment, avoid minor and day to day issues, just ignore them, finances and profession are stable
Professional focus is good, but your own ups and downs are there, financial pressures and expenses may cause upsets, devote your self to spiritual thinking, that can give you peace of mind
Doubts and dissatisfactions should not spoil the stability of life, you wish to undertake travels, plan well and avoid unknown factors connected with it, your focus for financial gains is your strength
Inflows stable but pressures on accumulated funds, worries connected with these pressures are made up in the mind, they are not real, don’t let stress spoil your health, learn to relax and meditate
Health concerns is one thing but psychological uneasiness connected with that is another, when both these combine then you tend to suffer more, you need to take proper care, protect your self form disputes and losses also
Your performance is under pressure, professional performance or educational performance, on top of that you cannot depend on fate also, what is the solution, don’t be under stress, perform, work hard
If funds were stuck then they can be recovered now, generally auspicious period which is linked with your involvement, gain from this divine blessing
Your hard work can bring good profits for you, you wish to bring big changes in your work and life, you are generally doing well, any change must be assessed with the risk of stability
Finances stable but you are stressed, this is more of work related stress, ups and downs of health needs care, any disputes related to finances must be avoided,
You are worried about your own decisions, realization of mistakes is important in life, that protects you in the future, that also paves the way for you positive efforts
Protect yourself from losses, health related pressures will also bother you, profession stable but emotional stress is not looking good, be practical in life, that is important
Focus is not right, thinking is diverted, that can cause upsets and losses, because of this you may land in disputes or differences of opinion, you need to protect yourself from all this

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