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Thursday, August 9, 2007

9th August Vedic Astrology forecasts, Rashi Phal

Your require money for children, your children are making good efforts, don’t have doubts on their abilities, your own focus is also good, don’t go against the wishes of your elders
You are generally doing fine but you are dissatisfied, your well wishers are supportive, don’t panic, nothing is wrong stay happy and have faith in God, your long term focus towards life is good
Nothing is wrong, mild tensions are there but everyone has them, nothing is wrong, don’t blame your fate for everything, your are passing through a mixed period, your positive approach will help you, take blessings from your elders
Excellent period for profession, but unfounded fears bother you, psychological uneasiness can spoil the good times which you are passing through, you have to realize that
Mixed period for gains as well as pressures, you are viewing the u\support also to you with suspicion, that does not help in life, try to identify your friends and foes
There are hidden issues which are disturbing the harmony of your life, your health is one such factor, which needs careful handling, students need to assess their performance carefully
Protect your self from cheating in emotions and relationships, assess the real motive of the person, don’t blindly trust anyone, you can be cheated
Family and marital pressures are continuing, this can affect your work and profession also, financial stability is ensured, psychologically you are uneasy and depressed,
Weak period continuing, emotional conflicts, professional pressures are there, expenses are high and uncontrolled, try to save for the rainy day
Uneasiness for financial position, expenses are high, business is also under pressure, have patience, only that will reduce your stress
Generally stable period, emotions are under stress, your abilities and skills need improvement, you can do much better, but emotional uneasiness is spoiling that strength
Generally stable and happy day, by evening you will be stressed, conflicts and financial disputes can be stressful, you have to protect your self from these forces

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