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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

1st August, Vedic Astrology forecasts, Rashi Phal

financial needs of business have to be met, from your side there is no weakness, but circumstances are stressful, control your stress
you are generally doing well in profession, but hidden worries are there, worrying will not resolve any problem, please speak out discuss, that can be helpful, speak your heart out, that can be helpful
you know that you can achieve better in the world, despite your abilities, you are not able to achieve as much, slight change of attitude is needed, that can improve circumstances around you
you have stability in finances, but unfounded thoughts or worries bother you, basically pressure of expenses is the reason for that, in all it is a stressful period
dissatisfactions in marriage bother you, your self made mistakes need to be controlled, think before you take your next step, professional contentment is gradually increasing
professional focus is stable, relationships have lesser emotions in them, hence don’t depend on them, don’t expect too much out of it, health concerns need to be cared for
emotional relationships under stress, you are worried and dissatisfied, professional strength is gradually increasing in a big way
financial dissatisfactions are there and they are continuing, you wish well for you family and that is why you are worried, you have to leave something to God also
professional stress is now likely to increase, the only way out is your hard work, foreign connections can still be activated, look for those opportunities
your family happiness can mean so much to you, far off linkages can bring good financial gains, avoid hidden relationships as they can cause upsets
professional gains are directly liked with your involvement in work, you need to shed your unfounded fears, in reality there is nothing wrong
very lucky financial gains, outflows can be troublesome, disputes need to be resolved, don’t carry them further, resolve them

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