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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

14th August Vedic Astrology forecasts, Rashi Phal

Don’t hesitate to spend for education and betterment of children, dissatisfactions need to be controlled, you cannot achieve everything in life, whatever you have achieved is also good
You wish to do so much for your family, don’t have doubts on that, your involvement will bring excellent rewards for family, especially for children
You may have to reconsider your travel plans, the travels may not be as beneficial as you think, you also have doubts about the intensions of your friends & well wishers
Financial inflows are good, business profits are growing, routine outflows have to be watched, way to day wastages can be called losses, plug those losses now, friends can be real source of strength, you can depend on them
Very auspicious period especially for professional growth, your hard work can further boost this good indication, continue to put in constant and stable efforts, don’t let ups and downs spoil that focus
Any effort where you depend on luck will lead to loss, but where you depend on hard work will lead to gains, that shows the right path for you, health needs care
You don’t have faith in your own abilities, that reduces your achievements, conflicts with business partners need to be controlled, nothing will be achieved with those conflicts
Reconsider desire for change of job, even any change of focus in business etc need to be reconsidered, you may have to change your plans later, there are hidden factors which need to be considered
Conflicts can lead to problems, more so if they are connected with finances, generally favorable period, minor psychological issues bother you, your overall focus has now become positive, that is also a great achievement
Despite uneasiness you will do well in your career, some obstacles are inbuilt in your line of activity, it is nothing new, you can not remove those obstacles completely, your family is your strength
Generally positive period, don’t let down your family, they mean a lot to you, they are supporting you in each step of your life
Despite struggles and differences you have the ability to succeed, that is the best thing which I can see, you can involve well, your focus can bring a lot of auspiciousness inherent strength of your profession is very auspicious for you

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