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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

15th August Vedic Astrology forecasts, Rashi Phal

Good period for financial gains, avoid ups and downs of thinking in the morning, by evening your involvement towards family and children will give you happiness
Mentally you are very focused in life, that is good for you, but some issues cause uneasiness of disputes, they need to be resolved amicably, try for reconciliation to avoid those conflicts
By evening you will relies the need to work hard, that can bring lot of happiness to you, happiness does not come with money, it comes with involvement, a good deed can bring the best of happiness, try to do that
You are focused of prosperity and related thinking, you wish to achieve that at any cost, generally favorable period, you have the ability to achieve a lot with your efforts
Generally excellent period for happiness, by evening you may make mistakes, you are determined to implement your thoughts and desires, have patience think it over, then decide
Weak period, luck is not favoring you, you may incur some loss, listen to others, take suggestions or opinion, only then take decisions, don’t be hasty in financial matters,
Very auspicious period, take full advantage of this strength, good times are meant to focus better, don’t let ups an downs of thinking spoil that focus
A little uneasy in morning, you are not sure as to what you wish to do, by evening you have all kinds of prosperity and happiness, shed your uneasiness connected with family matters, there is nothing wrong
Avoid differences of opinion with boss, it is a brief period of next 2 to 3 days, then you will get all the support in your life, good times are just around the corner
Protect your self from professional weakness, careful handling is better than repenting at a later date, health concerns require care and treatment, don’t enter into any arguments
Luck is favoring you in the morning in personal and family matters, avoid conflicts with spouse, any such conflict or differences of opinion can put a lot of pressure on you psychologically
You have to avoid emotional conflicts, in the evening, it is better to postpone any difference of opinion whether personal or financial, patience will help you, your profession is stable and capable of giving you happiness

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