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Friday, August 3, 2007

3rd August, Vedic Astrology forecasts, Rashi Phal

you are worried for loss of money, funds needed for children or education or both, don’t worry all these needs will be met, God is there to understand and fulfill your needs
profession is stable, your dissatisfactions are still there, you are worried that someone is trying to harm you, that thought is not real, it is made up in the mind
your focus towards profession is good, still obstacles may upset your hard work, you are too tense, the only valid worry is your health, take care of that
marriage needs better involvement, you are neglecting that because you are too busy trying to make money, profession stable, nothing to worry, gains satisfaction from that strength
health concerns can cause psychological upsets, you need to stay focused, profession stable and happy, mixed influences, have faith in God
you are thinking about change in job, some financial pressures may be there, protect your money and don’t lose it, be careful
auspicious circumstances can lead to gains and happiness, take your dissatisfactions in a positive sense, your wish to grow is the motivation to work hard
your focus towards studies further improves your professional prospects, boss may be very supportive, auspicious circumstances prevail to give you happiness
your hard work will bring good financial gains, profession weak and needs care, health must be cared for, you are being too indifferent towards your health
you are too stiff in your attitude, you are making mistakes and yet not realizing them, depend on family support and happiness, friends can also be helpful
protect yourself from losses, someone may try to cheat you, don’t trust anyone, it can lead to problems
money may be spent on disputes or on resolving problems, your auspiciousness is connected with your hard work, your friends can also betray you and cause problems

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