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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

7th August Vedic Astrology forecasts, Rashi Phal

Focus for family is there, this involvement will bring out the excellence in your family and children, protect yourself from differences of opinion, health may be a mild concern
Financial gains will improve with your efforts, support from business partners will also make you happy, students are doing good work, keep it up
Protect yourself from loss of interest, that can lead to obstacles and financial loss, have focus, gains from property related matters indicated, family will be supportive and will give happiness
Your knowledge and hard work can led to your fame and prestige, your abilities will be appreciated, good period for improving your business efforts also, some funds may be stuck and that will give tensions
Change of job may not be financially advantageous, but you are too impressed with change, don’t be under any false impression, be careful and don’t make mistakes, back biting may be there against you
Excellent auspicious period for overall stability, luck may not favor you as much as your hard work can, indecision about change of job can now be resolved, you can now think about it
Too much desire for financial gains can lead to disputes, In fact you are giving too much importance to money, your strength lies in your abilities, let others say anything, you don’t bother about that
Very auspicious period, involvement towards family will be appreciated and responded, ups and downs of knowledge gaps will be removed, you will now move faster towards your goals
Protect yourself from some hurt or injury, don’t raise any demands with your boss, wait for a while, this is a weak period, protect yourself with patience, students wasting precious time
Emotional and marital disputes are there, your time and efforts will be there to resolve them, your involvement is total, there is no doubt on that, but your desires are too strong, those may not be comfortable for others
Family or emotional conflict must be handled carefully, you are psychologically too strong, that will make you stiff and arrogant, protect yourself from those negative forces,
Emotional involvement is very focused, but there are inherent problems and constables, those can led to conflicts, some care is needed, your profession is becoming better now, must gain from these forces

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