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Thursday, August 23, 2007

23rd August 2007, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Students have the abilities, don’t have doubt on that, you wish to achieve the spiritual enlightenment, but the time has not yet come
Some worries connected with home and family, these are made up in the mind, generally stable period and there is nothing to worry, worries must be kept under control
Your entire focus is on your efforts, they must be channelised towards the right path and right direction, don’t change your decisions or actions, follow the path of truth and righteousness
Disputes or differences of opinion can cause upsets in your financial stability, they will cause needless expenses which will prove to be waste, professional strength is well ensured
Have faith in your emotional relationships, having a stiff attitude will not help, listen to others and then take decisions, don’t believe in rumors
Reconsider what you are thinking, your heart says something and your head supports that because you are too determined in your mind, what you wish to do may have upsets hidden in them, beware of that
Your financial strength is a reality, you are still not convinced about it, emotional involvement must be considered carefully, if you make a commitment then stick to it, don’t change your stand
Your professional growth is good, there can be a steep rise in your name and fame, work hard for that, your children are very supportive, your friends can be supportive for your professional growth also
Excellent period for your professional growth, health concerns need care, don’t neglect that, don’t be emotionally inclined, don’t make mistakes, have faith in God and do the right
Losses in business, change in career, all these can be because of wrong decisions, protect your self from such situations which may go wrong, think carefully and then decide
Marriage needs careful handling, as such many situations are stable, don’t try to weigh emotions with money, that is not proper
Your profession is stable, but some conflicts are there, some are based on lack of information, don’t depend on hearsay, don’t cause conflicts on that so that you don’t go wrong on that

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