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Saturday, August 4, 2007

4th August, Vedic Astrology forecasts, Rashi Phal

you are worried of getting away form the family, family and children is the biggest focus which takes your time and energy, this involvement will be good for you and every one in the family
financial matters take priority, consider investment in property, good period for financial gains, spouse will be very supportive
you focus towards [profession will bring go0od gains and stability, you are happy and contended, that is important in life, each day cannot bring something special, being at peace is important
financial pressures are likely to be there, there is no stoppage of i8nflows, they are only erratic, devote time for studies and general reading, that will be important
you are not able to manage finances well, inflows are there but lack of planning cause problems
your friends can be supportive, professional or business focus is excellent, just because everything is stable don’t disturb this stability by any change, be careful everything is changeable
your health concerns slows down your life, don’t worry, health is also important, it is important to take a break and take rest, this is the day to relax and do anything other than routine professional work
financial matters take importance, don’t have changing thoughts about your work, continue to do what you are doing, that stability is important, professions is stable, stay devoted to that
you are stressed at work, routine pressures are increasing, show lot of patience, and maturity, despite your efforts some stress will continue, don’t panic stay calm
avoid disputes with boss, even routine arguments must be controlled, have patience, health needs care, don’t lose focus towards your own well being,
your studies are gradually getting weakened, your professional gains are happy, all colors of the spectrum some happy some sad, that is life
emotions are weighing heavy on your mind, If in relationships it can lead to your marriage, family will be supportive

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