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Saturday, June 2, 2007

2nd June 2007, Rashi Phal

worries about education and also about some interview or meeting, think about making any decision about change of place as there may be some hidden upsets in them

some thoughts about home and family may preoccupy you, finances strong and will protect your interests, your positive involvement towards profession will increase further

efforts are getting poorer and you are needlessly worried, don’t daydream about foreign lands or worry about losses, financial stability is ensured and that will take care of many things,

health needs care, increase activity or exercise, pressure on your heart is increasing, profession stable, expenses high

you want to earn but you have to study and prepare yourself for prof, earnings very good and stable, but erratic outflows,

all virtues and blessings with you, finances stable, profession going well, only some worries about travels and those also made in the mind, mild stress in marriage continues, needs care

some financial pressures continuing, now worries for that, students must have practical view about professsional settlement for taking decisions, your determination can move mountains,

your knowledge and hard work can take your profession to greater heights, have faith in your abilities, some worries is part of life, shake hands with that,

your parent’s health needs care, prof growth indicated, benefit from that, financially stable but your future expenses are likely to put pressure on you

professional strength should be your focus for the day, other things are weak and may have to be forgotten, travels and far off linkages can benefit you, look for foreign opportunities also

favorable circumstances support you in every way, profession stable and rewarding, finances make you happy, health is the only concern avoid conflicts and differences also

your focus towards work and profession is excellent, but boss and his critical eye may spoil the party, it is not your fault, you don’t be bothered and continue your good work, overall support and divine blessing is with you

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