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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

27th June, Vedic Astrology forecasts, Rashi Phal

some tensions or obstacles till afternoon, these are brief ups and downs, your self confidence is directed towards your gain of knowledge,
Professional achievement and focus only after noon, you are on the right path, some losses, friends and associates will be helpful
tensions and obstacles, tensions in health and profession, obstacles as luck not favoring you, control confusions of mind, that will protect and help you
tensions for you, profession is stable, change in travel plans may bother you, health related worries in the morning
students efforts erratic, and not focused, avoid differences of opinion with friends, luck favors you, finances stable, health concerns in the evening
happiness in home and family, health concerns, financial gains in evening, don’t be upset with obstacles, that is part of life, that motivates us to work hard
avoid conflicts in morning, in afternoon professional focus favors you, generally auspicious period,
very favorable period, your hard work will bring professional gains, that will protect you from uneasiness, avoid differences of opinion with boss or with people who matter
mixed period, [psychological unrest, dissatisfactions, you are having good self confidence that will lead to professional stability
afternoon brings professional cheer, dissatisfactions with friends or so called well wishers, they may be working against your interests
good satisfying and stable period, financial prosperity stable, by evening some worries about health, avoid family conflicts
stable and auspicious period, avoid conflicts and disagreements in evening, spiritual inclinations can be improved, that will give you happiness

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