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Sunday, June 10, 2007

10th June 2007, Weekly Rashi Phal, Vedic Astrology Forecasts

Generally favorable week, health concerns in beginning of week, form Tuesdays happiness form family and children, finances stable

Very stable week, excellent for financial stability, thoughts for change for increase of salary, look for those opportunities, you will gain from any such moves,

Personal happiness and family support ensured, travels by middle of week, financial gains, benefit from these forces, educational efforts positive

Travels or movement connected with profession, financial gains by middle of week, professional stability throughout, take decision about home or movement after proper planning and care

Educational efforts focused, lucky financial gains, family happiness to be kept intact by care, professional stress can cause health related worries

Excellent efforts for professional advancement, health related confusions, professional stress, create a balance and harmony in life, don’t neglect your health

Very lucky period, hard work will lead to onset of luck, financial pressures, involvement by students can lead to their career making

Beginning of week can be stressful, family issues can cause uneasiness, profession average but stable, your involvement needs to be increased, students can benefit from their efforts

Excellent focus for professional rewards, foreign travels or connections activated, work towards that goal and you will gain, obstacles there in every path, work hard to resolve them

Take care of health control routine differences of opinion, profession stable and that is your strength, your abilities will be recognized and appreciated

Focus toward home and family, health still needs care, you need to be aware of regular exercise emotional affairs tense

Family happiness strong and stable, by Thursday health may be a concern, any type of fever needs investigation, education is suffering, do something for that during the week

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