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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

26th June, Vedic Astrology forecasts, Rashi Phal

your commitment towards work is praiseworthy, luck will not favor you, avoid differences in emotional relationships and with spouse, stay focused towards family

health is a concern for you or your spouse, gains from property are indicated, expenses can be wasteful an erratic control them

you wish to improve your knowledge, you have the ability to achieve, protect your self form needless differences of opinion both in marriage and in profession

your luck will favor you, protect your self from any family dispute, your abilities and maturity will help you to overcome these issues

your hard work can do wonders to your studies and success in life, finances stable, health needs care, consider change of ob for increased financial inflows

if investing in property worries in arranging funds, consider change of job, some hidden obstacle may still be there, you may have to change your plans

health issues may bother you especially for mouth or throat, finances stable, professional commitment is praiseworthy, your hard work will do good to you

worries around you, constant efforts required to update your knowledge, avoid conflicts at your work place, beware of internal politics at your work place

worried for expenses and losses, despite good inflows some pressures, in profession don’t let your efforts slow down, understand its importance in the long run

you are thinking about change or expenses, change of job is not yet indicated, you may gain from far off places for inflows and fame, avoid disputes with boss

financial inflows can be very lucky, health concerns for self or family members, family will be supportive and helpful

mental worries about ups and downs in profession, you have the potential to influence others, your good speech can you help you in that

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