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Monday, June 25, 2007

25th June, Vedic Astrology forecasts, Rashi Phal

there is financial stability and you are still worried, family is supportive, your uneasiness can spoil your self-confidence, avoid conflicts or differences of opinion, they are not based on facts

professional circumstances strong, your efforts getting confused and uneasy, your friends may betray you if you want their help in business

financial prosperity ensured, don’t depend on luck or chance, in educational efforts depend on hard work, don’t speculate as there may be hidden upsets

your uneasiness can increase your obstacles, be close to family and well-wishers, avoid conflicts, that will ensure divine blessings, financial pressures may be there

have faith on your efforts and heard work, don’t doubt your abilities, obstacle sin travels, assess the need and outcome of changes or travels carefully

Financial disputes are based on lack of information, avoid taking decisions without proper knowledge otherwise you may go wrong

your skills and knowledge needs to be improved, luck is favoring you, your hard work is further supporting that auspiciousness

uneasiness on being away form family, physically or mentally, you are tense about family, all kinds of pressures, this is the period to prove your abilities

financial pressures may cause more worries, your strength of profession can take care of that, your skills and knowledge can help in your professional advancement also

not satisfied with business gains, your abilities are strong and that is why you expect more from life, emotional strength can be rewarding for settlement of marriage

dependence on luck is not going to help, own efforts will bring excellent rewards, your friends can prove to be the pillars of strength for you

confusions about losses can be real, they can cause obstacles and problems, students’ efforts are lacking, own abilities are under cloud, lot of effort is needed to overcome all this

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