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Friday, June 1, 2007

1Jun07, Rashi Phal राशी फल

Mesh (मेष):
excellent abilities and efforts, financial uneasiness, professional stability, take care of your health.

Vrishabh (वृषभ):
best for financial inflows and savings, students can perform well in gain of studies, professionally stable and rewarding, boss is supportive

Mithun (मिथुन):
Family happiness and harmony ensured, avoid dissatisfactions at work place, this is only a state of mind, you are not able to make savings, and that bothers you, business needs higher investment

Karka (कर्क):
Stress in travels , outflows may be there but they are essential, students trying for educational efforts but lot of confusions of mind,

Simha (सिहं):
Excellent period for financial gains, involvement towards work is praise worthy, your desire to look for change may not be the right thing, consider all options, worries about profession are not true

Kanya (कन्या):
Worries exist whether you will get the promotion or not, don’t worry, it is coming, despite obstacles you are doing fine, inflow of money exists from all sources including borrowings for needs to be met.

Tula (तुला):
Luck is favoring you in almost every sphere, professionally very stable, your involvement is superb, financial pressures continue to bother you.

Vrishchik (वृश्चिक):
Day to day obstacles bother you and keep your stressed, no real worries except tensions, not real, you will get full support of the divine blessings.

Dhanu (धनु):
Professionally very stable but worries connected with possible change which may bother you, you may get promotion but changes may upset everything, focus for studies and gain of knowledge, that will help you.

Makar (मकर):
your health needs care, full protection is there and nothing untoward will happen, emotional affairs strong, thinking about marriage studies suffering

Kumbh (कुम्भ):
this period can help in your studies the best, emotional conflicts can be upsetting, health also needs care, prof gains and monetary gains are well indicated,

Meena (मीना):
family and spouse supportive and will give lot of happiness, prof stable but boss indifferent , needs some careful handling, your own abilities under pressure as you are not able to perform fully,

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