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Saturday, June 16, 2007

16th June 2007, Rashi Phal, Vedic Astrology forecasts

Students have realized the need to work hard, profession stable but luck not favoring you, don’t loose faith in your abilities

Finances very strong, inflows from property, family supportive, doing excellent work in your profession, then why these thoughts of uneasiness

Self confidence will help in your efforts, you can make your destiny by your knowledge and heard work

Uneasiness on account of expenses and changes in your life, profession has been stable and getting better, rethink on any planned travel or movement

Doubts of receiving money from far off sources, family issues will be resolved, worries of heavy expenses, resolve martial conflicts

Profession stable but thoughts for change and related worries, don’t take any decisions hastily, focus towards studies can prove very rewarding

Professional and financial growth, don’t have doubts to handle the higher responsibilities, don’t have self-doubts

Worries of family problems and implications, entering a period of professional uneasiness, psychologically very tense period, professional and personal worries are there

You may go back on your earlier decision, realization will come to you to understand things better, professional stability threatened be careful

Health issues earlier health issues may reappear, conflicts getting complicated, financial pressures

Pressure on students, obstacles in emotional affairs, don’t let that spoil your family happiness

Family conflicts resurfacing, confusions of mind, emotional affairs also getting uneasy

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