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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

13th June 2007, Rashi Phal, Vedic Astrology forecasts

Focus for children, gain of knowledge, success in interview, abilities excellent, generally favorable period, take care of your health as there may be lack of diagnosis

Family happiness ensured, your positive efforts can give you position of authority or high status, don’t neglect the interests of family and spouse

Gains from travels but obstacles in them, expensive high and impulsive, confusions of mind, don’t let false self confidence spoil these strengths

Best indications for financial stability, confusions and obstacles in travels, children erratic in their efforts, this area needs improvement

Focus towards profession and for change of job, these changes can bring excellent opprotuntieis, consider them favorably, financial gains stable, students making food efforts

Confusions about professional decisions, consider the strength of change, that may lead to auspiciousness, confused and dissatisfied about any change, financial inflows good

Profession very strong, psychological dissatisfactions about monetary inflows, students must not forget their goal, your hard work will support your efforts

Profession stable, gains from far off places, family uneasiness may upset your focus towards work, gain of knowledge stable but erratic

Take care of health confused about decision of marriage, profession stable, psychologically uneasy period, your efforts are becoming erratic and you are loosing focus

Health concerns connected with skin or throat, emotional inclinations strong, professional focus continues to be stable

Family disputes may bother you, educational efforts very supportive, business efforts bring profits, keep your overall uneasiness and confusions under control

Emotions under stress, family support is there in abundance, financial inflows under pressure, accumulated savings may come to your rescue

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