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Friday, June 15, 2007

15th June 2007, Rashi Phal, Vedic Astrology forecasts

Unfavorable period as your effort s may also fail, health concerns likely to increase, profession stable and financial prospects good

Good for financial inflows, obstacles are there, smooth flow of events lacking, marital relations to be handled carefully

Take care of health, protect your self form some minor hurt or injury, financial strength well reflected, travels may come to an end, weak period of studies although you are trying well

Worried for possible losses in business, outflows likely to increase, for students a little more effort in your studies and you may get the job

Financial strength, family issues distressing, even professional disputes may bother you, professional focus is also not resolving your tensions

Students performing well, profession very stable, financial strong but some financial dispute may be bothering you, minor health concern may be there

Profession stable, financial disputes continuing, but on the verge of getting resolved, mixed influences, generally stable period

Very stressful period, disputes and also psychological unrest, on account of all this your profession stability may also suffer, strength of your knowledge can protect you

Psychological pressures and tensions connected with your marriage, profession stable but your confusions can spoil that strength also, family is unsupportive but you have to understand their views also

Concerns about health and family, avoid disputes, profession stable and your involvement intact, finances stable no worries

Students need to make more efforts, health issues may be resolved soon, profession and business stable and no worries on that

If investing in property then financial worries for that, boss has been supportive but that is likely to change now be careful, emotions strong but obstacles stronger

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