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Friday, June 29, 2007

29th June, Vedic Astrology forecasts, Rashi Phal

your efforts and involvement is there but you are a little depressed, everything does not have a reason, sometimes we are off mood, don’t worry, this is part of life
all things going good for you, you name it and everything is stable, that also causes tensions, whether good times will last, don’t worry, God is kind
some health concerns, don’t ignore that, take proper treatment, it may be just something minor, outflows can be wasteful
profession stable, financial situation mixed, thoughts about travels outflows and children, still everything stable, no upsets, God is kind
you are worried because we all tend to worry, reason or no reason, financial worries despite finances being stable, what do we call it,मन में बनाईं हुई चिंताएँ
by evening some worries about profession or finances, you are trying to make positive efforts, flow of things is not smooth, as long as there is no harm it is alright
you wish to progress faster than ever before, that is a positive view, be thankful for the virtues around you, enjoy that prosperity
tensions are there but don’t be depressed, it is how we evolve to be better humans, look for spiritual growth also
you are worried for far off linkages or thoughts, remember your family bond is very important and supportive, utilize this time for increase of knowledge
health concerns are bothering you, financial stability is the divine blessing to create that balance, your focus towards your work is the best path for you
your efforts are praiseworthy shed the anxieties on your mind and you will be happier, don’t be a pessimist, look at life with a different perspective, take care of health
generally favorable period, nothing to worry, life is taking you on a smooth journey, children need to be motivated better

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