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Tuesday, June 5, 2007

5th June 2007, Rashi Phal, Vedic Astrology forecasts

Professional focus is excellent, you have lot of support from everyone, luck is not favoring you but your hard work is rewarding, that is important.

Very lucky period for professional gains, financial prosperity is ensured, if your efforts are sustained like this then you can do wonders.

Self confidence can protect you from weaknesses, worried for financial pressures and obstacles, business needs investment, borrowed funds may have to be arranged.

Auspicious and supportive family environment, professional stability ensured, financial gains adequate, God is kind, be thankful

Professional involvement stable, health needs care, plans for change needs careful thinking and wise decision, don’t let your hear rule your head.

Focus towards studies can give good results, profession stable, finances strong, your positive efforts can further improve your professional scene.

You have an excellent balance between your home and your work, both give you happiness, marital harmony should be protected, luck is favoring you.

Very auspicious period, efforts pointed and positive, professional growth indicated, in your profession, you are thinking about far off linkages which can give benefit to you.

Your focus for financial gains very positive, even adverse situations may give benefits to you, expenses may remain high and that may put pressures on you.

Very auspicious period, professional gains and business gains ensured, some health concerns may be there, they are more of confusions rather than concerns.

Professional and business prosperity is well ensured, health concerns may be there, expenses may be high, emotional affairs may require care, don’t let conflicts spoil that.

Professionally stable and auspicious period, despite obstacles your efforts devoted towards studies, family happiness ensured, financial stable period.

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