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Sunday, June 17, 2007

17th June 2007 (Weekly forecasts), Rashi Phal, Vedic Astrology forecasts

Stressful period despite stability and self-confidence, family issues, friends may betray you, students will start hard work now

Favorable week, financial pressures, differences of opinion in family, focus towards gain of money and prosperity

Generally good week, financial inflows improving, some expenses or losses still there, emotional affairs under stress,

Profession getting strong, expenses from middle of week, students hard work can lead to their professional settlement, don’t use harsh words in your stable professional scene

Obstacles and expenses in beginning of week, depression, improvements from middle of week, luck favors you, professional stress continues

Beginning of week favorable and promising, later uneasy, avoid differences with boss, pressure on students increasing

Generally stable week, many earlier concerns resolved, martial harmony, professional worries by end of week, friends supportive

Stressful week, avoid conflicts, postpone major decisions, travels can rewarding in the beginning of week, financial pressures

Psychologically weak period, more at ease by end of the week, students perform well, emotional rigid ness may be upsetting, professional focus will give excellent gains

Emotional inclinations strong at beginning of week, from Wednesday stress and upsets, profession and finances strong, family supportive, take care of health

Strong week for professional matters, conflicts and differences on personal front, emotional differences have ups and downs,

Family matters getting complicated, children can cause mental distress, profession stable, financial inflows, saving and accumulation very good

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