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Thursday, June 7, 2007

7th June 2007, Rashi Phal, Vedic Astrology forecasts

Worries connected with obstacles and expenses, money may be required for investments, you need to take care of your health also

Financial stability ensured, professional efforts focused, still worries about career growth, differences in marriage may bother you

Luck favors you, some concerns about health, take care, don’t let professional differences spoil the stability of you life.

Profession strong and growing, routine kind of expences high, financial stability ensured, you are worried on issues which are not real, too much stress can cause health problems, avoid that.

Profession stable and involvement praiseworthy, morning worries about family and spouse, after noon worries for parents, they all need your care.

Professional raise possible, worries for health take care, family pressures and issues are continuing, students want to go for higher studies need efforts and focus to accomplish that.

Avoid financial disputes in the morning, after non tense about children, don’t worry they are doing fine in their career, despite weaknesses divine blessing with you to protect your interests,

Professional involvement focused, ignore routine kind of obstacles, worries about family may be there, most of these worries made up in your mind,

Professional stability good, don’t take any hasty decision as it may be a self created mistake, worries about travels or distances, you are losing focus towards your work, avoid that.

Profession stable and business rewarding, financial pressures will be there, routine kind of stress in life, children need care and motivation.

Profession stable, financial prosperity is ensured, unfounded anxieties on your mind, need for you to avoid that, they are not real

Profession stable, finances make you happy, overall aus period, worries for a child or a loved one who is away, students need to reorganize yourself if you wish to focus towards studies.

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