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Monday, June 18, 2007

18th June 2007, Rashi Phal, Vedic Astrology forecasts

Prof and financial gains ensured, by evening some worries connected with health, investment in property can be profitable, consider those options seriously

Excellent results from your efforts for professional advancement, your goals are clear, this concentration can help in fulfillment of your desires and goals

Financial gains good, professional rise may cause obstacles or difference of opinion, you are getting more focused on your efforts, your self doubts will now be removed

Profession now becoming very strong, your self confidence will improve that further, don’t be under false illusions, it can cause sudden upsets or obstacles

Health concerns are causing anxieties, your focused efforts can bring lot of financial gains, luck favors you, family tensions may continue

Very lucky financial gains possible, your efforts are there but obstacles are greater, , that is God’s wish, change of job may become a possibility

Most auspicious indications for this people of this rashi, profession very strong, financial flows lucky, your involvement in work is praiseworthy, students must shed confusions

Don’t be forceful, that can cause upsets, mellow down, don’t get into differences or arguments, weak period is to be utilized for some puja etc, your luck favors you and protects you

Psychological uneasiness may upset you, bring improvement of focus then you will do well in job, health is a concern, your efforts not upto the mark, improve that

Your focus towards work is good, luck is not favoring you, your boss may be against you, health may bother you, financial stress

Health concerns are there, avoid family conflicts, professional strength based on your hard work, students can perform well now

Emotional affairs seem strong but hidden obstacles can be upsetting, family conflicts need care, business borrowings need to be repaid, financial gains and prosperity is ensured

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