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Saturday, June 30, 2007

30th June, Vedic Astrology forecasts, Rashi Phal

Don’t doubt your fate and your abilities, you are making good effort for self development, by evening financial gains are indicated, God is kind to give you warmth and happiness from family
worried for family and children in the morning, by evening lot of improvement, financial stability is there, normal ups and downs, expenses high and wasteful
confusions in your own hard work, friends and relationships give you happiness, avoid differences of opinion with your spouse
financial tensions are there, there will be improvement by evening, any change or movement has to be decided considering all options, profession stable but financial rewards are not adequate
tensions for students, desire for studies at far of place may not be fulfilled, you will do well where you live, luck is favoring and many upsets may be resolved
profession stable, worries for change or distances, financial stability ensured, travels may be upsetting, can cause hidden obstacles
Stability and overall happiness, you are worried because you wish to, worries without reason, health requires care, develop your writing and speaking abilities
professional worries and hidden obstacles are there, you have to be careful for another 15 days or so, two factors protect you – your knowledge and your self-confidence
professional hard work and stability is your key word, your luck is not favoring you, there can be hidden advantages in that, delays can be a blessing in disguise
overall stressful period, ups and downs in health, profession stable but hidden worries or differences of opinion, weak period stay calm and work hard, also pray regularly,
doing well in your career, stress in marriage, health needs constant care, travels can be rewarding, tensions can be there in family
very lucky period, some dissatisfactions in your profession, protect your self from hidden forces or competition, avoid tensions or conflicts in family

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